1. What are the metal/plastic tubes at the side of my windows?

window 04These are called spiral balances and if not working or fitted correctly can cause the window to fall down slowly or suddenly, this can be quite dangerous and need fixing immediately as this can cause the glass to break and fingers to be trapped! Quality materials always used.

2. What are the ropes at the sides of my windows?

These are called sash cords and need to be professionally installed. Included in this price we can neatly reseal the beading that has to come off so you would never know the work had been done! All that’s left is a smoothly operating window again & no mess!

3. The Top Part of my timber sash window has never opened?

window 03“Free up top sash”…. over many years of painting the top sash tends to be stuck shut, making the air flow not work at full capacity. We can get ANY top sash working. Once top sash is free the sash cords may need replacing if missing or frail, this is 50/50 some don’t need some do (just a heads up).

4. Can I get rid of the old brittle glass & replace it with Safety glass on my timber windows?

Yes, this is something we would highly recommend as most of the glass is over 70 yrs old! Like anything that old it becomes brittle over time and is only 3mm in thickness some even just 2mm. This can be replaced and your windows modified to accept new glass making it much safer, warmer and a reduction in noise. This is very popular for properties that want added security & safety concerns for children.

5. My windows are badly rotten do I have to get expensive new windows?

window 04NO, We can repair most windows saving on the costs of renewing, we have customers that were quoted thousands for new windows, we repaired and restored them to a high standard saving them $$$$$ in the process.


6. Do you repair Aluminium windows & doors?

Yes, We do repairs and maintenance to all aluminium windows and repair locks tracks and roller wheels to doors also.

7. Do I get a guarantee with the works?

Yes, a minimum 12 month warranty on all work.

8. Can you fix other jobs when on site?

window 05Yes, We are fully qualified multi skilled carpenters so if you need other jobs doing makes sense to use one tradesman. We can do all carpentry work, doors, skirting, arcs, alterations, gates, floors, etc. Also plaster repairs, small tiling jobs, painting, etc.